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Walter Tacchini was born on 16 June 1937 in Romito Magra (SP) , he lives in Trebiano (SP) and teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara.

"Art is a pure expression of self, and therefore it is anarchy: it can not be obsequious nor be used to increase anyone’s power, it is not true or false.
Art is not a paradigm but an ideology, it is not mysticism but mystics.
It is not pedagogy, but it does have an influence on society, markets, economies and therefore on politics. —If a function of art needs to be found, it has to move beyond the merely rational answers: the function of art is to help us understand the mystery of the human,to communicate with other people, to recreate human dimensions that are artefact but not artificial, to give or receive an emotion, to get joyful or upset, to share our nightmares, express our doubts in the form of a plastic and chromatic certainty.
Let us get our art back, and our creative skills, with no need to look for abstruse purposes, let us get our culture back, our identity of men an women, sons of other men and women and linked together by a thin and yet strong thread: our memory, the culture of our fathers…”
Walter Tacchini

"Walter Tacchini is one of the promoters ofthe art movement called Arte Sociale, and has carried out his work both in Italy and abroad, particularly in France; he has been able to understand and to make us understand that contemplation should not be seen as purely aesthetic, since art can also be the everyday reality, lifestyles,dynamism, art can serve as a means to understand things, to understand ourselves, or simply as an opportunity for people to get together, far from the stereotypes imposed by our society. With his impetuous personality and the strength of his art Walter Tacchini has got people of all ages participating in his work, with the result of a collective art experience that enables people to rediscover their identity and cultural reality ..."
Circolo Cultural "L'omo ar Bozo", Ameglia (La Spezia)

Fantastic animals become part of a teapot to portray a personal story, a story that Walter Tacchini narrates through the eyes of a child sitting on his father’s shoulders and looking at the moon as it disappears. The steles, the sundial, the scanning of time, the game of black and white, I see all these important characters,characters and not simply things, as they dance to the Moon, this charming and mysterious goddess that inspires with its light and roundness all of Tacchini’s work. With his eyes Tacchini can see what is impossible to see for people who can’t take a little time to look at the moon.
Claudia Bressan Boschini

Walter Tacchini’s work represents the ripe fruit of the aesthetic and conceptual research carried out by a ‘thinking artisan’ (this is how he likes to define himself very modestly) An artisan who turns the raw material into a finished art work, with his brilliant technical mastery and coherent intellectual construction, revolving around the project of going back to our origins, in the sacred space represented by the place of one’s birth and memory.
Angelo Tonelli

"To know Walter means that a small but important window opens for us to the things of life: it means, for example, to look at a work of art with different eyes, stripping it of everything that can inhibit our sense of pleasure, awakening us fromthe torpor of all pre-packed opinions."
Livio Bernardini

Journalists and art critics who wrote about the work of Walter Tacchini:
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Walter Tacchini’s works have been displayed in several museums (Milan, Strasburg), schools and cultural houses (France, Belgium, Germany) and also in several private collections.

Walter Tacchini’s Biography

Milan: 6th Exhibition of Modern Art
Carrara: 6th International Biennial Sculture Exhibition
Ancona: XIX Exhibition of Graphic Arts ‘Salvi’


Milan: Sculpture exhibition
Strasburg: Sculptures carved form sandstone of the Vosges Mountains


Jugoslavia: European Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Art
France: Mobile sculpture co-produced with Hélene de Beauvoir

1972 Pireo: XII European Biennial
Carrara: National Exhibition of Marble
1973 Montbéliard (France): Correspondent from the C.A.C. for experiments of "Social Art"
1974 Paris: Cooperation with Alberto Dialo (art work in pottery)
1975 Paris: Autumn Festival "Le Chat guerrillero" with A. Gatti
Avignone: Partecipation at the Avignone Festival
1976 Montbéliard (France): Exhibition "Amis de Jacques Prevert"
1976 Parigi, Beaubourg, Museum ofContemporary Art
Exhibition of newspapers about Armando Gatti’s movies
1977 Ameglia: "Omo ar Bozo"
1978 La Spezia: Personal Exhibition
1980 Belgium: Work of "Social Art" for the Ministry of Culture
1981 France: Decoration for the A.C.B.H.L. in Freyming Merlebach
1982 France: Decoration of "Grezgeschichen" in Pelile Rosselle
1983 France: Decoration for the A.C.B.H.L. for the event "Printemps de la Creation" in Stiring Wende
1984 Collective Exhinition ‘Grafie und Malarei Ingolstadt’
1985 Personal exhibitions: S. Terenzo, Bocca di Magra, Fiascherino.
1986 France: Decorations for "Vita Lorraine" in S.t Avoild
1987 Sarzana: A different Carnival
France: Exhibitions of S.t Avoild and Merlebach
1988 Compiano (Parma): Personal Exhibition
S. Stefano Magra: Memorial to the Resistance
Carrara: Collective Exhibition of Sculpture
1990 Partecipation in the International Congress of Social Art
Creation of decorations on the theme of immigration for 37 theatre companies
1991 Creation of a Ceramics Laboratory with the Cultural Association
Radovan for the work on the Stele statue (Archeology of the future)
1995 Strasburg: Correspondent from the 5th European Congress on Social Art
1995 Ameglia: "Omo ar bozo"
1996 Sarzana: "Sconfinando"
Strasburg: L'air dans les banlieus
1996 Sarzana (Cittadella): Personal Exhibition "Arte e territorio"
1997 Ameglia: Omo ar bozo
1998 Strasburg: Correspondent from the Council of Europe for the performance of "Orno ar bozo"
Cultural Parks of the region of Liguria: Bronze tials on the paths and sites of Val di Magra
1999 Permanent Exhibition at the Prefettura of La Spezia
1998 Crastan Caffè company: seeking for images and cultural identities
2000 International Biennial Exhibition of Sculpture in Carrara
Walter Tacchini’s works are displayed in several museums (Milan, Strasburg), schools and cultural houses (France, Belgium, Germany) and in several private collections.
The most important journalists and critics of art, national and international TV programs have talked about Walter Tacchini and his works.

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